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Case studies

Cultural Development Network Framework

Melbourne is now taking a leadership role in civic action on environmental sustainability, embedding it as a basis of all future City of Melbourne goals, ensuring it speaks to social sustainability and the health and wellbeing agenda. The City of Melbourne recognises that creativity must be integrated into the fabric of city life and has consequently launched a new creative strategy which addresses societal challenges, such as environmental sustainability.

Melbourne is following the framework developed by the Cultural Development Network to evaluation cultural products and activities. There are measures across five domains - cultural, economic, social, governance and environmental – which result of the specified cultural activity.

They are measures on a scale of 1 to 10, the degree to which:

  1. A positive sense of place (built and/or natural environment) was enhanced - How we experience and make meaning of our environment both natural and built and how we describe, interact and value it
  2. Understanding of ecological issues increased - The comprehension an individual has about environmental issues and the impact on their immediate community and the world
  3. Appreciation of the natural world increased - The natural world and its connection to us is recognised, understood and valued
  4. Environmental stewardship was motivated - An increased sense of responsibility to care for the built and/or natural environment