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Case studies

Jockey Club ‘Museum of Art on Wheels’ Outreach Learning Programme


The Hong Kong Museum of Art was established in 1991. It is a public museum and is run by the Leisure and Cultural Services Department of Hong Kong with a mission to deliver emotive and inspiring art experiences and encourage artistic appreciation and lifelong learning related to the arts. However, the museum is closed for a major renovation between 2015–2019 and has needed to find ways to reach out to the general public and schools during this period. The Museum of Art on Wheels is part of its work to sustain its activity beyond its principal site.

The Museum of Art on Wheels consists of a 16 tonne truck equipped with multi-media interactive games developed from museum collections on Chinese and Hong Kong Art. The mobile museum featured Chinese street signs and characters to exemplify the cultural link of Chinese calligraphy to the unique culture of Hong Kong under the theme of ’Hong Kong Sign • Hong Kong Signature‘. The mobile museum visited schools on weekdays, bringing students tailor-made art activities with multimedia games. At weekends, the mobile museum reached out to parks, piazzas and town halls to connect with the public and to stage pop-up artist workshops free of charge for public participants.

Since 2015, the mobile museum has brought art to every corner of the city, including schools and communities in remote areas, and has benefitted those who would not otherwise visit a museum or create artworks with local artists. Over three years, 160,000 students and members of the public have participated in the Museum of Art on Wheels and its Facebook page has attracted over 250,000 likes and followers. The project ended in July 2018 but a website will be launched to transform the multi-media games on the art truck in to online games so as to benefit more school students, exemplifying the role of a mobile museum that is accessible across the whole city.