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Case studies

Resources for sustainability

Amsterdam’s commitment to combining innovation and preservation has created a perfect context for civic leadership on environmental sustainability. It has already provided substantial investment in efficiency, low-carbon energy and circular economy projects through the Climate & Energy Fund and Sustainability Fund.

The Department for Arts and Culture provides a dedicated website with sustainability support for arts and cultural buildings in Amsterdam. The website includes topics like: sustainability and cultural monuments, applying for electric vehicle charging points, investing in solar panels, and examples of best practice from the sector. The website also communicates free services (e.g. energy audits) and finance opportunities for ‘greening’ cultural practice, such as subsidies for maintenance, green roofs and facades.

In order to support interdepartmental initiatives between environment and culture, the municipality hired a Project Manager to work with both departments to deliver the sustainable cultural venue agenda, which includes free energy advice, green finance opportunities and good practice case studies. The Project Manager has been delivering an environmental training and support programme to Amsterdam’s cultural venues.

Image credit: Amsterdam_Centrale OBA © Openbare Bibliotheek Amsterdam (OBA) Courtesy of OBA