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Brussels city profile | city data
Public libraries1182015Dept Culture City of Brussels
Other museums852015Conseil bruxellois des musées
National museums8 2015Conseil bruxellois des musées
Major concert halls4 2015City of Brussels
Number of live music venues37 2015VisitBrussels / agendas
Theatres612015VisitBrussels / agendas
% of public green space (parks and gardens)18.8%2015IBGE
Number of other Heritage/Historical sites4,2312015Dir. des Monuments et Sites
UNESCO World Heritage Sites32015UNESCO
Art galleries3132016Dpt Culture City of Brussels
Cinemas112015Dpt Culture City of Brussels
Cinema screens652013SPF Économie, Direction générale Statistique - Statistics Belgium
Number of cinema screens per 100,000 population5.52013SPF Économie, Direction générale Statistique - Statistics Belgium
Number of bars1,743 2013FOD Economie ADSEI
Number of bars per 100,000 population148.32013FOD Economie ADSEI
Number of restaurants4,2352013FOD Economie ADSEI
Festivals and celebrations2472015Dpt Culture City of Brussels
Number of international students studying in the city19,9242011Brussels Studies
Number of visits to top 5 most visited museums & galleries2,472,7512014City of Brussels
Number of cinema admissions per year3,657,8692013SPF Économie, Direction générale Statistique - Statistics Belgium
Number of international tourists per year2,602,0942013Observatoire du tourisme à Bruxelles
Number of international tourists per year as % of city population22.4%2013Observatoire du tourisme à Bruxelles
Geographical area size, sq. km161 2015IBSA
Total population number1,175,1732015IBSA
Foreign born population %46.0%2008Brussels Studies
GDP (ppp)(million)$83,414 2013Brussels Institute for Statistics and Analysis
Creative industries employment %6.5%2012ULB-IWEPS
Night Clubs, Discos and Dance Halls34 2015VisitBrussels / agendas
Number of public libraries per 100,000 population10.02015Dept Culture City of Brussels
Total number of museums932015Conseil bruxellois des musées
Number of restaurants per 100,000 population360.42013FOD Economie ADSEI