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Dublin city profile | city data
Number of music performances per year3,0162018Dublin City CouncilScaled up from weekly figures
Public libraries512018Dublin City Council/Dun Laoghaire/Rathdown
Other museums562018Desk Research & Irish Museum Survey
National museums62018Department of Cultrue/Heritage and the Gaeltacht
Major concert halls32018Dublin City Council
Number of live music venues442018Dublin City Council
Number of theatrical performances at all theatres per year2,2712018Dublin City CouncilScaled up from weekly figures
Theatres292018Irish Theatre Institute / Dublin City Council
% of public green space (parks and gardens)26.00%2018Dublin City Council
Number of other Heritage/Historical sites2,0812018National Inventory of Architectural Heritage
Number of book titles published in the country in a year1,1822017National Library of Ireland
Art galleries402018Dublin City Council
Specialist private cultural HE establishments02018Dublin City Council
Number of students enrolled in specialist Art & Design public institutions1,6982017HEA
Number of students of Art & Design degree courses at generalist universities6,8812017HEA
Cinemas192018Irish Film & Television Network/Dublin City Council
Cinema screens1572018Irish Film & Television Network/Dublin City Council
Number of cinema screens per 100,000 population11.72018Irish Film & Television Network/Dublin City Council
Number of films given theatrical release in the country in a year4202016Irish Film Classification Office (IFCO)
Number of foreign films given theatrical release in the country in a year1542016Irish Film Classification Office (IFCO)
Film festivals52018Screen Ireland
Bookshops622015Booksellers Association UK and Ireland
Number of bookshops per 100,000 population4.62015Booksellers Association UK and Ireland
Number of bars7732017Drinks Industry IrelandNumber of pubs
Number of bars per 100,000 population57.02017Drinks Industry Ireland
Number of restaurants4312018OpenTable
Number of Michelin star restaurants52018Michelin Guide
Festivals and celebrations6192017Dublin City CouncilGranted permits by Dublin City Council
Number of international students studying in the city11,3332017HEA
Number of visits to top 5 most visited museums & galleries4,852,9152017Failte Ireland
Number of admissions at all theatres per year821,5592016Let's Celebrate' - Wide Awake Communications
Total value of theatre ticket sales at all theatres per year - $m (ppp)$422016"Let's Celebrate" - Wide Awake Communications
Number of cinema admissions per year8,050,0002017The International Union of Cinemas (UNIC)
Number of admissions at main film festival21,0002017Dublin City Council
Total value of cinema ticket sales per year -$ (ppp)$70,507,9552016The International Union of Cinemas
Estimated attendance at main carnival/festival500,0002017Dublin City CouncilSt Patrick's Day festival
Number of international tourists per year6,268,0002017Failte Ireland
Number of international tourists per year as % of city population465.20%2017Failte Ireland
Geographical area size, sq. km9182016CensusDublin City Council area 116
Total population number1,347,3592016Census
% of total national country population living in the city28.20%2016Census
Working age population854,7622016Census
Number of households479,6832016Census
Foreign born population %20.8%2016Census
Education level-% with degree level or higher42.7%2016Census
Average income per capita per year (ppp)39,5712015Central Statistics Office
GDP (ppp)(million)163,5102014Central Statistics Office
Creative industries employment %3.9%2017Central Statistics Office
Number of public libraries per 100,000 population3.82018Dublin City Council/Dun Laoghaire/Rathdown
Number of book loans by public libraries per year (million)5.92017Dublin City Council/Dun Laoghaire/Rathdown
Total number of museums622018Department of Cultrue/ Heritage and the Gaeltacht/ Dublin City Council
Specialist public cultural HE establishments22017Higher Education Authority
Number of restaurants per 100,000 population32.02018OpenTable
Number of artist studio complexes62018Dublin City Council
Community centres62018Dublin City Council