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London city profile | city data
Number of comedy clubs182012Time Out London
Number of music performances per year19,7102015Time Out LondonScaled up from weekly figures
Public libraries3532014CIPFA Stats Public Library Statistics
Other / Association of Independent Museums
National museums132015DCMS
Major concert halls102015Visit London / BOPFigure only concerns venues with over 500 capacity
Number of live music venues3202011Time Out London/The Unsigned Band Guide 2011/ViewLondon
Number of theatrical performances at all theatres per year32,1662015Time Out LondonScaled up from weekly figures
Theatres2412013Arts Council England & Visit London
% of public green space (parks and gardens)33.0%2013Greenspace Information for Greater London CIC
Number of other Heritage/Historical sites20,5112014English Heritage - Heritage Counts 2014 London Report
UNESCO World Heritage Sites42015UNESCO
Number of book titles published in the country in a year184,0002013International Publishers Association (IPA)
Number of comedy shows/performances per year12,7982015Time Out LondonScaled up from weekly figures
Number of dance performances per year2,5782012Time Out LondonScaled up from weekly figures
Art galleries8572015GLA(
Specialist private cultural HE establishments422014BIS
Number of students of specialist Art & Design public institutions34,9202010HESA (2011)
Number of students of Art & Design degree courses at generalist universities15,7452010HESA (2011)
Number of non-professional dance schools5892015Yell
Cinemas1582013BFI Statistical Yearbook 2014
Cinema screens8602013BFI Statistical Yearbook 2014
Number of cinema screens per million population102,22013BFI Statistical Yearbook 2014
Number of films given theatrical release in the country in a year6982013BFI Statistical Yearbook 2014
Number of foreign films given theatrical release in the country in a year2792013BFI Statistical Yearbook 2014
Film festivals282015British Council
Bookshops3602015Booksellers Association
Number of bookshops per 100.000 population4,32015Booksellers Association
Rare & second hand bookshops592015Booksellers Association
Number of bars2,6942015Yell
Number of bars per 100,000 population32,02015Yell
Number of restaurants24,3602014Horizons research (on behalf of the Food Standards Agency)
Number of Michelin star restaurants622014Via Michelin
Number of markets1222008The London Market Guide
Festivals and celebrations2712015Visit London
Number of international students studying in the city67,4152014HESA
Number of video games arcades482015Yell
Museums/galleries attendance - % working age population attending at least once a year56,4%2014DCMS Taking Part Survey 2014/15
Number of visits to top 5 most visited museums & galleries25,013,1552013Visit England: Annual Survey of Visits to Visitor Attractions
Average daily number of visits to top 5 art exhibitions5,0642013The Art Newspaper "Exhibitions & Museum Attendance Figures 2013"
Number of admissions at all theatres per year22,000,0002013SOLT
Total value of theatre ticket sales at all theatres per year - $m (ppp)$871.000.0002012/13SOLT
Number of cinema admissions per year42.200.0002013BFI Statistical Yearbook 2014
Number of admissions at main film festival163,3002014BFIBFI London Film Festival
Total value of cinema ticket sales per year -$ (ppp)$423.222.8632013BFI Statistical Yearbook 2014
Estimated attendance at main carnival/festival1,500,0002013Metropolitan PoliceNotting Hill Carnival
Estimated attendance at main carnival/festival as % of city population18%2013Metropolitan PoliceNotting Hill Carnival
Number of international tourists per year16.800.0002013Office for National Statistics
Number of international tourists per year as % of city population199,0%2013Office for National Statistics
Geographical area size, sq. km1,5722011Office for National Statistics
Total population number8.416.5352013Office for National Statistics
% of total national country population living in the city13,12013Office for National Statistics
Working age population5.451.8722013Office for National Statistics
Number of households3.266.1732011Census of Population 2011, Office for National Statistics.
Foreign born population %35,90%2013Office of National Statistics
Education level-% with degree level or higher60,0%2010Office for National Statistics
Average income per capita per year (ppp)$53,7012013Eurostat
Median gross weekly earnings (ppp)$1,0232014Office for National Statistics
GDP (ppp)(million)$492,5842013Eurostat
Creative industries employment %16,20%2013DCMS
Night Clubs, Discos and Dance Halls3392015Yell
Number of public libraries per 100,000 population4.22014CIPFA Stats Public Library Statistics
Number of book loans by public libraries per year (million)31.22014CIPFA Stats Public Library Statistics
Total number of (MLA London (2007) Facts and Figures/Association of Independent Museums)
Specialist public cultural HE establishments112010HESA (2011)
Number of restaurants per 100.000 population289,42014Horizons research (on behalf of the Food Standards Agency)