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Los Angeles city profile | city data
Number of music performances per year9,3482018LA Weekly/OhMyRockness/ Restless Nites & Songkick
Public libraries2442016Institute of Museum & Library Services
Other museums2172015IMLS
National museums22018Institute of Museum and Library Services
Major concert halls62013LACAC
Number of live music venues4092018LA Weekly/OhMyRockness/ Restless Nites & Songkick
Number of theatrical performances at all theatres per year4,7972016DataArts/LACAC
% of public green space (parks and gardens)34.70%2016LA County Parks and Recreation Needs Assessment
Number of other Heritage/Historical sites5802018California Office of Historic Preservation (OHP)
UNESCO World Heritage Sites02018UNESCO
Number of book titles published in the country in a year309,9572012Bowker
Number of dance performances per year3,1442015LACAC
Art galleries2792018IMLS/Visual Art Source/CDP Data
Specialist private cultural HE establishments142013Los Angeles Economic Development Corporation/LACAC
Number of students enrolled in specialist Art & Design public institutions13,4092017National Center for Education Statistics
Number of non-professional dance schools1542015DanceMap LA
Cinema screens1,
Number of cinema screens per 100,000
Number of films given theatrical release in the country in a year7322017The Numbers/Nash Information
Film festivals572017TripSavvy
Number of bookshops per 100,000 population4.72013Bowker
Number of bars1,6442018Citysearch/Yelp
Number of bars per 100,000 population16.02018Citysearch/Yelp
Number of restaurants29,5602018LA County Department of Public Health Food Facility Ratings/City of Pasadena Restaurant Inspections
Number of Michelin star restaurants202009Michelin Guide to Los Angeles 2009
Number of markets2632015LACAC
Festivals and celebrations5322018Eventbrite
Number of international students studying in the city49,6622016/17NAFSA: Association of International Educators
Number of video games arcades412013Yelp/Citysearch
Number of visits to top 5 most visited museums & galleries4,771,8312017LACAC
Average daily number of visits to top 5 art exhibitions2,8092015The Art Newspaper
Number of admissions at all theatres per year1,448,3342016DataArts/LACACFigure only for nonprofit theatres
Total value of theatre ticket sales at all theatres per year - $m (ppp)$552016DataArts/LACACFigure only for nonprofit theatres
Number of admissions at main film festival75,0002018AFI Fest information at Withoutabox
Estimated attendance at main carnival/festival1,231,2432017LA County FairLA County Fair
Estimated attendance at main carnival/festival as % of city population12.1%2014LA County Fair/Census dataLA County Fair
Number of international tourists per year7,100,0002017Discover LA
Number of international tourists per year as % of city population69.90%2017Discover LA
Geographical area size, sq. km10,5102010US Census Bureau
Total population number10,163,5072017US Census
% of total national country population living in the city3.10%2017US Census
Working age population5,965,978,6092016US CensusAges 19-64
Number of households3,281,8452012-16US Census Bureau
Foreign born population %34.5%2012-16U.S. Census Bureau
Education level-% with degree level or higher30.8%2012-16US CensusBachelor's degree or higher (does not include people with 2-year Associates degrees)
Average income per capita per year (ppp)29,3012012-2016US Census
GDP (ppp)(million)669,9752017LAEDC
Creative industries employment %10.5%20162018 Otis Report on the Creative Economy
Night Clubs, Discos and Dance Halls7702018Citysearch/Yelp
Number of public libraries per 100,000 population2.42016Institute of Museum & Library Services
Number of book loans by public libraries per year (million)42.02013Institute of Museum and Library Services
Total number of museums2192015Institute of Museum & Library Services
Specialist public cultural HE establishments02018LACAC
Number of restaurants per 100,000 population290.82018LA County Department of Public Health Food Facility Ratings/City of Pasadena Restaurant Inspections
Number of performing arts/dance rehearsal spaces6592018SpacefinderLAThis includes all spaces in the SpacefinderLA database where performances are permitted
Community centres4592018LACAC