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Oslo city profile | city data
Number of music performances per year2,9002018Norsk konsertarrangører
Public libraries202018Deichman
Other museums202018Arts Council Norway
National museums12018The Norwegian Museum AssociationThe National Museum of Art Architecture and Design
Major concert halls22018Kulturetaten
Number of live music venues252018Norske konsertarrangører
% of public green space (parks and gardens)68.00%2018Bymiljøetaten, Oslo kommune
Number of other Heritage/Historical sites8,4852018Byantikvaren i OsloBuildings/monuments/sites that are registered as protected by a formal legal decision - 1609 are registered in accordance with the Cultural Heritage Act; 6876 in accordance with the Planning and Building Act
UNESCO World Heritage Sites02018Kulturetaten
Number of book titles published in the country in a year55,7972018Forleggerforeningen
Art galleries522018U.F.O.— Exhibition Guide for Oslo
Number of students enrolled in specialist Art & Design public institutions2,2482018Oslo kommune
Cinema screens452018Kulturetaten
Number of cinema screens per 100,000 population6.72018Kulturetaten
Film festivals62018Kulturetaten
Bookshops662018BokhandlerforeningenThe figure does not include second hand book shops
Number of bookshops per 100,000 population9.82018Bokhandlerforeningen
Number of bars2502018Næringsetaten
Number of bars per 100,000 population37.02018Næringsetaten
Number of restaurants4002018Næringsetaten
Number of Michelin star restaurants42018Kulturetaten
Number of international students studying in the city5,4952017DIKUEducation
Number of visits to top 5 most visited museums & galleries2,336,3952016Arts Council Norway
Number of cinema admissions per year2,110,2242017Film & kino
Number of admissions at main film festival22,6372017Films from the South Festival
Total value of cinema ticket sales per year -$ (ppp)$24,458,0292017Film & kino
Estimated attendance at main carnival/festival290,0002018Oslo PrideOslo Pride
Estimated attendance at main carnival/festival as % of city population43.1%2018Oslo Pride
Geographical area size, sq. km4812018Norwegian Mapping Authority
Total population number673,4692018City of Oslo
% of total national country population living in the city12.70%2018City of Oslo
Working age population357,5422017City of OsloEmployed between ages 15-74.
Number of households340,4442018Statistics NorwayNumber of private households
Foreign born population %25.1%2018Statistics Norway
Education level-% with degree level or higher50.7%2017Statistics Norway
Average income per capita per year (ppp)49,3002016Statistics NorwayAverage gross income for inhabitants over 17 years.
GDP (ppp)(million)50,9852016Statistics Norway
Night Clubs, Discos and Dance Halls602018Næringsetaten
Number of public libraries per 100,000 population3.02018Deichman
Number of book loans by public libraries per year (million)1.32018DeichmanBook loans not including renewals
Total number of museums212018The Norwegian Museum Association/ Arts Council Norway
Specialist public cultural HE establishments82018Oslo kommune
Number of restaurants per 100,000 population59.42018Næringsetaten
Community centres322018Kulturetaten