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San Francisco city profile | city data
Number of music performances per year3,6922014SF Station
Public libraries302018SFPL
Other museums1322015Institute of Museum and Library Services
National museums0 2014Institute of Museum and Library Services
Major concert halls4 2014San Francisco Symphony & additional staff research.
Number of live music venues201 2015SF Weekly
Number of theatrical performances at all theatres per year4,0452014Cultural Data Project
Theatres1632018Bay Area Performing Arts Spaces
% of public green space (parks and gardens)13.0%2017San Francisco Department of Recreations and Parks 2017 Community Report
Number of other Heritage/Historical sites2232018California State Parks Office of Historic Preservation
UNESCO World Heritage Sites02018UNESCO
Number of book titles published in the country in a year339,000 2015Bowker
Number of dance performances per year9872015Dancer´s Group
Specialist private cultural HE establishments92017SF Arts Commission
Number of students enrolled in specialist Art & Design public institutions02017SF Arts Commission
Number of non-professional dance schools632015Yelp / City Search
Number of cinema screens per 100,000
Number of films given theatrical release in the country in a year1,2072017The Numbers Website
Film festivals322018SF Travel
Bookshops77 2017SF Chronicle blog
Number of bookshops per 100,000 population8.72017SF Chronicle blog
Number of bars469 2017Department of Public Health
Number of bars per 100,000 population53.02017Department of Public Health
Number of restaurants4,0452017Department of Public Health
Number of Michelin star restaurants312017SF Chronicle
Festivals and celebrations1682015SanFranciscoTravel
Number of international students studying in the city12,1922014Institute of International EducationData from Institute of International Education - as reported by NAFSA: Association of International Educators 
Number of video games arcades162015Citysearch/Yelp
Number of visits to top 5 most visited museums & galleries3,950,5622017Arts Magazine Special Report on Visitor Figures 2017/Annual reports
Average daily number of visits to top 5 art exhibitions3,2992017Arts Magazine Special Report on Visitor Figures 2017
Number of admissions at all theatres per year756,610 2014Cultural Data Project
Total value of theatre ticket sales at all theatres per year - $m (ppp)$9 2014Cultural Data Project
Number of admissions at main film festival66,863 2017DataArtsSan Francisco International Festival
Estimated attendance at main carnival/festival800,0002017DataArtsPride Parade
Estimated attendance at main carnival/festival as % of city population90.5%2017DataArts
Number of international tourists per year1,410,2202016Visit CaliforniaThis is the number of international visitors who arrive at SF
Number of international tourists per year as % of city population159.5%2016Visit California
Geographical area size, sq. km121 2018US Census BureauCensus estimate
Total population number884,3632017US Census Bureau
% of total national country population living in the city0.3%2010US Census Bureau
Working age population592,5232016US Census Bureau
Number of households356,7972016US Census BureauCensus estimate
Foreign born population %34.4%2016U.S. Census BureauCensus estimate
Education level-% with degree level or higher54.8%2012-16U.S. Census Bureau
Average income per capita per year (ppp)$55,567 2016U.S. Census BureauCensus estimate
GDP (ppp)(million)$481,400 2017U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis
Creative industries employment %5.4%2017Americans for the Arts, Creative Industries Report 2017
Night Clubs, Discos and Dance Halls136 2015Citysearch / Yelp
Number of public libraries per 100,000 population3.42018SFPL
Number of book loans by public libraries per year (million)10.82016SFPL
Total number of museums1322015Institute of Museum and Library Services
Specialist public cultural HE establishments02017SF Arts Commission
Number of restaurants per 100,000 population457.42017Department of Public Health
Number of performing arts/dance rehearsal spaces1662018Bay Area Performing Arts Spaces
Community centres862018Google