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São Paulo city profile | city data
Art galleries2082018GeosampaEstimate data (pandemic interrupted local surveys)
Bookshops1,2412022GuiaMais Telelistas
Number of bars30,0002016SPTurismo
Number of bars per 100,000 population242.02022Assessoria Técnica e de Política Cultural (ATPC - Technical Staff for Support and Cultural Policy)
Number of restaurants20,0002016SPTurismo
Number of Michelin star restaurants92022Michelin GuideNo. of restaurants awarded 1 and 2 stars
Museums/galleries attendance - % working age population attending at least once a year29.0%2017JLeiva (Private consulting) - Cultura & Esporte - Project Cultura nas CapitaisThe methodology used in this indicador includes children's attendance at the museums as well (from 12 years on).
Number of admissions at all theatres per year20,8342021SMDETT This relates to admissions at the 9 city-owned theatres only / not all admissions.
Estimated attendance at main carnival/festival15,000,0002020Observatório de Turismo e Eventos da Cidade de São Paulo (São Paulo's Tourism & Events Observatory Institute)Estimate figure. The main carnival is the Street Carnival of São Paulo (Carnaval de Rua de São Paulo).
Estimated attendance at main carnival/festival as % of city population1.2%2022Assessoria Técnica e de Política Cultural da Secretaria Municipal de Cultura de São Paulo (ATPC - Technical Staff for Support and Cultural Policy of São Paulo's Municipal Secretary of Culture)
Total population number12,396,3722021Instituto Brasileiro de Geografia e Estatística (IBGE - Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics)
% of total national country population living in the city5.81%2021Assessoria Técnica e de Política Cultural (ATPC - Office's Staff for Support and Cultural Policy)
Working age population7,612,8532021Fundação Sistema Estadual de Análise de Dados (SEADE - Foundation System of Data Analysis for the State of Sao Paulo)
Creative industries employment %8.99%2020RAIS (Annual List of Social Information)
Night Clubs, Discos and Dance (online telephone directory)
Number of restaurants per 100,000 population161.32022Assessoria Técnica e de Política Cultural (ATPC - Technical Staff for Support and Cultural Policy)