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Regional Summit Buenos Aires 2014

Looking for Innovative Solutions to Common Problems in Contexts of Inequality

The first Latin American Regional Summit of the World Cities Culture Forum was held in Buenos Aires 26-27 August 2014. The event was hosted by the Ministry of Culture of the Government of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires.

Download the event brochure below. It contains detailed information about the programme and delegates.

Download event brochure

Within a two-day programme, the regional summit was an opportunity for Latin American cities in the network to share ideas and knowledge about the role culture can play against challenges specifically experienced at the regional level. It was also an opportunity for the City of Buenos Aires to show forum delegates some of its most high-profile projects linking culture with sustainable urban development.

The summit agenda was designed to address the following three overall questions:

  • What do Latin American world cities have in common?
  • How different are their experiences with cultural policies and what are the main challenges they face?
  • How can cultural activities help tackle problems of social inequality, economic instability and urban segregation?

The following sessions were organised as part of the programme:

  1. Governance of the Cultural Sector: open data and civil society
  2. The Cultural-Creative Economy: designing public policies in a context of labour informality
  3. Cultural Policies for Social Inclusion: reducing class, gender and ethnic inequalities in the city

The policy briefing of the Buenos Aires Regional Summit, based on the collective knowledge and evidence assembled at the event, is available for download in English and Spanish here.