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World Cities Culture Summit Istanbul 2013

The New Cultural Agenda: How Can World City Leaders Unleash the Full Potential of Culture?

The second World Cities Culture Summit was held in Istanbul 13-15 November 2013.

Download the event brochure below. It contains detailed information about the programme and delegates.

Download event brochure

The event was hosted by the Istanbul Provincial Directorate of Culture and Tourism. The Istanbul Summit was curated by BOP, working closely with the Chair of the World Cities Culture Forum, Justine Simons, Head of Culture at the Greater London Authority, and liaising closely with all the other member cities. The production and design of the event was managed by Studio Design UK.

Across a three-day programme, the summit was an opportunity for old members of the Forum to meet new city members and to engage in meaningful policy discussions about culture’s role in a world city context.

The summit agenda focused on three main questions:

  • What can we learn from each other about effective future strategies for promoting culture in our world cities?
  • How can we extend the influence of culture still further in the world city urban agenda?
  • How can we work together to continue to demonstrate the value and impact of culture?

The summit sessions were organised around four key themes. These themes reflect the common challenges and opportunities that all participating world cities face in attempting to harness the potential of culture. They have emerged from the research around the World Cities Culture Report itself as well as the discussions BOP Consulting has had with individual cities in preparation for the summit.

The themes were:

  • Promotion and positioning on the world stage: approaches to promotion, branding and attracting inward investment
  • The new cultural infrastructure: how world cities are expanding and upgrading their cultural offer
  • Participation and supporting creative expression: policies and programmes that open up opportunities for all citizens
  • Strategies for embedding culture across public services: including employment, economic development, social integration and environmental protection

‘The New Cultural Agenda: Beyond Boosterism’, the first policy briefing of the Forum, captures some of the main conversations that took place at the Summit such as going beyond the culture-led place branding of the last decade, democratizing access to culture and the new cultural infrastructure. The document is available for download in English here.

We would like to thank the following for participating and speaking at the World Cities Culture Summit Istanbul 2013:


Max van Engen, Head of Culture, City of Amsterdam

Araf Ahmadali, Policy Officer, Arts and Culture office, City of Amsterdam


Hui Wang, Secretary General, Beijing Association for Cultural Exchanges

Fangming Qiu, Director, Beijing Association for Cultural Exchanges

Yingying Bu, Beijing Association for Cultural Exchanges


Hans-Georg Knopp, Senior Research Fellow, Hertie School of Governance, Berlin


Clarisa Ruiz Correal, Secretary of Culture, Leisure and Sport Department, City of Bogotá

Julie Cangrand, Director, Arte Camara, Chamber of Commerce, City of Bogotá

Buenos Aires:

Miguel Gutiérrez, Undersecretary of Tourism, City of Buenos Aires

Sofía Castro, Consultant to the Minister of Culture, City of Buenos Aires

Hong Kong:

Elizabeth Tai, Deputy Secretary for Home Affairs (West Kowloon Cultural District), Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region

Linus Fung, Chief Manager (Urban/Cultural Services), Leisure and Cultural Services Department, Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region

Drew Lai, Deputy Representative, Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office, Brussels


Ömer Çelik, Minister of Culture, Turkey

Huseyin Avni Mutlu, Istanbul Governor

Prof. Ahmet Emre Bilgili, Director, Istanbul Provincial Directorate of Culture and Tourism

Esma Firuze Küyük, Assistant Expert of Culture & Tourism, Istanbul Office of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism

Ibrahim Caglar, President of Istanbul Chamber of Commerce

Nazan Olcer, Director, Sakip Sabanci Museum

Iskender Pala, Author

Görgün Taner, Director, Istanbul Foundation for Culture and Arts (İKSV)

Prof. Hasan Bulent Kahraman, Vice President, Kadir Has University


Joseph Gaylard, Director of Visual Arts Network of South Africa, Johannesburg office


Justine Simons, Head of Culture, Mayor of London’s office and Chair of the World Cities Culture Forum

Jackie McNerney, Culture Strategy Manager, Mayor of London’s office

Ben McKnight, Mayor’s Press Office, Mayor of London’s office

Andy Pratt, Professor of Cultural Economy, City University London

Alan Freeman, Visiting Professor at London Metropolitan University; Former GLA Principal Economist

Los Angeles:

Laura Zucker, Executive Director, Los Angeles County Arts Commission

Jessica Cusick, Cultural Affairs Manager, City of Santa Monica Cultural Affairs

Keith McNutt, Stanton Fellow, Durfee Foundation


Jean-Robert Choquet, Director, Direction de la culture et du patrimoine, Ville de Montréal

Nathalie Maille, Executive Director, Conseil des Arts de Montréal

New York:

Kate D. Levin, Commissioner, Department of Cultural Affairs, New York City

Danai Pointer, Director of External Affairs, Department of Cultural Affairs, New York City


Rachel Khan, Cultural Counsellor of the Governor of Paris Ile-de-France

Carine Camors, Urban Economist, IAU Ile-de-France

Odile Soulard, Urban Economist, IAU Ile-de-France

Rio de Janeiro:

Sérgio Sá Leitão, Secretary of Culture/CEO of RioFilme, Municipality of Rio de Janeiro

Danielle Barreto Nigromonte, SubSecretary of Culture, Municipality of Rio de Janeiro


Chung il Choi, Senior Administrator, Cultural Policy Team, Seoul Metropolitan Government

Hae-Bo Kim, Head, Department of Policy Research, Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture

Hyunju Park, Cultural Alliance & Marketing Team, Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture

Jin-Hwan Kim, Researcher, R&D Team, Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture


Prof. Changyong Huang, Vice President, Shanghai Theatre Academy


Alvin Tan, Group Director (Policy), National Heritage Board

Ju Li Yeow, Deputy Director (Art)/Arts and Heritage Division, Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth


Mitsuhiro Yoshimoto, Chairman, Specialist Committee for Cultural Policy, Tokyo Council for the Arts; Director of Arts and Cultural Projects, NLI Research Institute

Kazuhiko Suzuki, Program Officer, Planning Office for Arts Council Tokyo


Lori Martin, Senior Cultural Affairs Officer, Cultural Services, City of Toronto

Tim Jones, President, Artscape

World Cities Culture Forum Management Team:

Paul Owens, Managing Director, BOP; Director, World Cities Culture Forum

Matthieu Prin, Project Manager, World Cities Culture Forum

Richard Naylor, Director, Research, BOP

Tom Campbell, BOP Associate

Dr. Cecilia Dinardi, Researcher, World Cities Culture Forum

Ulrike Chouguley, Senior Consultant, BOP