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World Cities Culture Summit Moscow 2016

The future of culture in cities was at the top of the agenda when cultural leaders and officials from 33 major cities across the globe headed to Moscow for the World Cities Culture Summit from 5-7 October.

Download the event brochure below. It contains detailed information about the programme and delegates.

Download event brochure

The summit focused on the urgent challenges facing world cities in the twenty-first century, including rising populations, increased inequality, soaring property prices and environmental issues threatening sustainability and liveability. The sheer pace and scale of growth that many world cities have experienced poses massive problems for cohesion, liveability and governability. This makes developing and nurturing culture so much more complex – and more necessary.

The issues discussed at our Moscow summit are at the heart of any urban policy agenda:

  • Social inclusion
  • Housing, planning and development
  • Economic growth
  • Climate change

As policymakers, members of the World Cities Culture Forum are responding to these challenges in different ways. What they share is a common belief that culture is an essential part of the governance of cities, not an optional add-on.

From discussion at the summit, it is clear that the strategic role of city governments is becoming increasingly important. They have a huge role to play as facilitators and convenors, whether creating policy frameworks or catalysing partnerships. No other actors in cities have the same ability to bring everyone to the table, and yet this is necessary if cities are to address the challenges they face.

In a time of international tension, dialogue between people is more important than ever. Here, too, both culture and cities have a role to play. Art enables understanding across linguistic and national boundaries. City-to-city collaboration opens up channels that remain stubbornly closed at the national government level. The Moscow summit was an excellent example of the ability of culture to build bridges. The ideas and inspiration shared at the summit will catalyse further action and collaboration in the future.

The policy briefing of the summit is available for download here.