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World Cities Culture Summit San Francisco 2018

The World Cities Culture Summit took place in San Francisco on 14-16 November 2018.

San Francisco hosted the 2018 summit. This was thanks to its position at the centre of the creative digital economy and its unprecedented growth both in terms of economy and population. Culture and art is at the core of the identity of San Francisco as a city, and an integral part of its urban policy.

Cities came together to explore the year’s theme: Culture and New Technologies Transforming World Cities. Looking at the opportunities and challenges afforded by new technologies, and considering what we are hoping to achieve when we bring technology together with culture.

The theme of the summit was explored through three strands, demonstrating how policymakers in world cities can use culture and technology to:

1.Support and Enable Civic Engagement

2.Broaden Cultural Participation

3.Foster Collaboration to Spark Creativity and Innovation

“Our membership in the World Cities Culture Forum has proved invaluable when it comes to strengthening international ties and relationships between cities, which in many ways, are setting the pace for the future,” says Director of Cultural Affairs Tom DeCaigny. “I look forward to meeting with my colleagues and our productive discussions about the many ways we work to advance the importance of culture to our city, its urban policies, and our artists, residents and visitors.”

The summit was organised by the World Cities Culture Forum, which is made up of 38 world cities, who all recognise the impact and importance of culture and creativity and are committed to them being at the heart of public policy and city planning.