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World Cities Culture Summit Lisbon 2019

The World Cities Culture Summit took place in Lisbon on 23-25 October 2019

Lisbon hosted 2019’s summit thanks to its strategic positioning as “an open capital: a central and cosmopolitan city, with an international calling”. The city is considered to be an architectural gem (with a reputation especially for tiling and tile-making), and is currently enjoying something of a renaissance among young European entrepreneurs and creatives who are coming to the city to take advantage of its affordability and ancient charms.

Over three days delegates from 38 world cities discussed the role of culture in building open and tolerant cities, how culture can support inclusion within cities and the challenges. Breakout sessions focused on innovations across neighbourhood infrastructure - from libraries to community centres.

Catarina Vaz Pinto, Deputy Mayor for Culture, Municipality of Lisbon said:

“It’s a great honour for us to host this fantastic event. We are still young members of the World Cities Culture Forum and very happy to be among this group of cities. We are totally committed to work actively in this network and that is why we choose to embrace hosting the summit.”

The summit was organised by the City of Lisbon and the World Cities Culture Forum. The Forum is made up of 40 world cities, who all recognise the impact and importance of culture and creativity and are committed to them being at the heart of public policy and city planning.