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Policy Briefing #4 London World Cities Culture Summit
What's the role of culture in sustainable urban growth?

The central question facing the world’s megacities – and the main topic of conversation at the 4th World Cities Culture Summit - is how to manage growth in a fair and sustainable way. When it comes to culture, this means city government, business, culture and civil society working together to maintain and build a vibrant public realm. In other words, spaces, places and platforms for the people, not just palaces for the rich. A whole new set of cultural strategies are emerging from World Cities in pursuit of this goal.

Today we publish our Policy Briefing based on the discussions which took place at the Summit in November 2015. This captures the latest thinking about culture and inclusive growth in world cities and provides insight on the latest policies, programmes and projects taking place amongst the 33 participant cities, including:

  • Why London’s ‘Olympicopolis’ provides a new model for developing cultural districts
  • How cities as different as Singapore, Stockholm and Melbourne are using data to plan more effectively for culture
  • How cities like Los Angeles, Montreal and Rio embed culture into other urban agendas
  • What Amsterdam, Shenzhen and San Francisco are doing to links culture and tech in mutually beneficial ways
  • What Moscow, Warsaw and Madrid are doing to increase participation in culture
  • How private museums in Shanghai might contribute to the creation of a new public culture

These are just a small number of examples of the growing policy interest in culture in World Cities. Many further innovations are set to emerge in the coming years in response to the huge challenges faced by World Cities. The World Cities Culture Forum will continue to showcase policies and programmes which put culture at the heart of the urban agenda.

The policy briefing is available for download from the World Cities Culture Forum website here.