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Amsterdam to host World Cities Culture Forum 2014
“Art and culture has been a major force in Amsterdam for centuries"

The Amsterdam World Cities Culture Summit will be held from 12-14 November 2014. City leaders, cultural experts and senior representatives from more than 25 cities around the world will collaborate on setting the global agenda around sustainable urban development through culture. It will include interactive sessions and working groups, with Amsterdam’s approach to cultural policy used as the starting point for discussion between partner cities about their own successes, the challenges they face and what they might learn from each other. The summit programme themes will include cultural education, cultural diversity, the creative industries, cultural heritage and city marketing.

New cities have been invited to join the Forum in 2014. The Amsterdam World Cities Culture Forum Summit will be an opportunity for existing members of the Forum to meet new member cities.

Amsterdam Vice Mayor Carolien Gehrels said: ‘Art and culture has been a major force in Amsterdam for centuries and as such, it is an honour that the city will host this conference. The field has been the subject of extensive investment in recent years. This strengthens culture in Amsterdam, the city’s international positioning and links with other metropolises.’

Mayor of London, Boris Johnson said: ‘There can be no doubt that culture has an important role to play in the reputation and success of cities. It is the USP, the dynamic pulse that attracts people to live, visit and invest in megalopolises across the globe. The World Cities Culture Forum is looking at a perennial conundrum: how to ensure the conditions are in place so that artists, creatives and visionaries can thrive and continue to make exciting work that inspires us and also makes a massive contribution to our prosperity.’

Paul Owens, Managing Director of BOP Consulting, the organisers of the World Cities Culture Forum, said: ‘The World Cities Culture Forum has become a powerful new global voice for the huge potential of culture in the future development of cities. The 2014 summit will be an opportunity for Forum members to share ideas and knowledge about culture’s role in creating flourishing cities. Amsterdam is the perfect host for the summit as it is seen as a leader in this field with its smart broad-ranging strategies for cultural development.’

Amsterdam became a member of the World Cities Culture Forum in 2013 after the city received an official invitation to join from Boris Johnson. This was subsequent to a working visit to London by Mayor van der Laan and Vice Mayor Carolien Gehrels in 2012.