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Google Arts and Culture to support Leadership Exchange Programme
Google Arts and Culture join Bloomberg Philanthropies in supporting this innovative exchange programme

Today at the World Cities Culture Summit in Lisbon it was announced that Google Arts and Culture will support the World Cities Culture Forum’s new Leadership Exchange Programme, joining Bloomberg Philanthropies to enable even more exchanges between our world cities.

Deputy Mayor of London for Culture and the Creative Industries, Justine Simons OBE said: “I’m delighted that Google Arts & Culture are again supporting the World Cities Culture Forum’s Leadership Exchange Programme. In global cities all around the world, culture is boosting the economy and tourism, it is bringing communities together and improving quality of life. This pioneering leadership programme allows the best ideas and innovations to be shared by cities, so we learn and grow together.”

Amit Sood, Director, Google Arts & Culture said: “We are very pleased to continue supporting the celebration, exchanges and showcase of stories of culture and creativity from cities around the world, in partnership with the Mayor of London and the World Cities Culture Forum.”

The Leadership Exchange programme will grow cultural leadership in world cities, encourage collaboration, raise ambition, and enable cities to learn from one another.