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Transformational Cultural Projects Report Announced
Highlighting initiatives with a social impact

The World Cities Culture Forum is proud to announce one of its new publications for 2014: the Transformational Cultural Projects Report.

While advances have been made in assessing the economic contribution of culture to the success of world cities, the relationship between culture and sustainable urban development is still unclear.

The Transformational Cultural Projects Report will be a collection of case studies about the transformational power of culture in world cities, written in collaboration with Forum partners. The report will help to build the Forum’s evidence base about the wide-ranging ways in which culture impacts on a world city and its inhabitants.

Member cities are currently identifying the projects they would like to see showcased in the final report, based on a common set of criteria provided to them,.

A ‘transformational’ cultural project is one which has contributed significantly to linking culture with sustainable urban development. Transformational is understood within a broad framework of human development, in which social welfare, equity and people’s capabilities matter. The Transformational Cultural Projects Report will therefore feature case studies that highlight initiatives which increase overall social welfare, promote greater equity and support the development of individuals’ capabilities.

The Transformational Cultural Projects Report will be published online in November 2014.​