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World Cities Culture Report 2014 Now Published
Examining the cultural offer of the world's greatest cities.

The World Cities Culture Report 2014 is now available for download here. The report is at the core of the Forum research programme as a compendium of data and effective practice. It examines the cultural offer of the world’s greatest cities.

The report gathers evidence on 60 cultural indicators, assessing both the supply of and demand for culture, and reports on the thinking of cultural policymakers in those places. This is combined with portraits of the cities examining the policy context in which culture is shaped in each place.

Twenty-four cities are included in the report, including four new cities that have fully joined the network in 2014: Madrid, Moscow, Singapore and Stockholm.

The 2014 report is the last updated version of the World Cities Culture Report. It aims to provide an initial comparable database of information for all city members.