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Policy Briefing #5: Moscow Summit 2016
Culture taking the lead in world cities

Without culture, world cities can’t be liveable or sustainable. But the urgent problems that world cities face – including rising populations, increased inequality, and soaring property prices – have made developing and nurturing culture more challenging than ever.

With so many issues to address, where should cities start? Are there successful strategies for exploiting the power of culture across the urban policy landscape? Our fifth policy briefing offers an unparalleled insight into the current thinking of policymakers from around the world, drawing on the discussion at our Moscow summit.

If you weren’t able to attend the summit, our policy briefing will give you a chance to catch up with the latest thinking from the World Cities Culture Forum:

  • What culture can contribute to the biggest issue facing world cities – the fight against climate change
  • How the cultural sector is responding to major international issues, such as the refugee crisis, when national governments are unable or unwilling to act
  • Why prioritising social impact is necessary if public funding for culture is to remain relevant
  • How cities are fighting to control the excesses of development
  • Why collaboration, co-production and active participation are an essential part of the future of culture
  • How city governments are negotiating the ‘creative tension’ of involving artists in policy and delivery